8 Week Cut to Reduce Body Fat

I ate in a caloric deficit for 8 weeks (while consistently weight training to maintain muscle mass) between the dates of Monday July 4 and Sunday August 28. Through out the duration of the cut my calories decreased from approximately 1850, to 1575, to 1450, to 1300. I consistently ate 135 grams of protein a day and allowed myself a “free meal” once a week.

78 (Plus) Units of Botulinum Toxin

In this video I inject 6 units of botulinum toxin into my procerus muscle. I injected a total of 78 units dispersed amongst the black landmarks on my face and neck. Botulinum toxin produces temporary paralysis of targeted muscles to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. I injected an additional 22 units to undertreated areas after waiting two weeks to access the toxin’s effect.

60 PDO and PCL Threads

In this video I insert a total of 60 PDO (polydioxanone) and PCL (polycaprolactone) threads into my face and neck. Each needle has a small thread that is left behind in the skin when the needle is removed. Both thread types are thought to stimulate collagen synthesis to “combat” signs of aging.